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July 18th
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!!! new album *star jumps*

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July 12th
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July 12th
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July 12th
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July 12th
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July 12th
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July 4th
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my rap shifu

June 25th
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June 25th
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June 24th
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June 21st
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June 21st
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June 21st
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June 20th
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I was told that solitary confinement can cause delusion and self-destruction
But somehow I choose to isolate myself and be alone in my thoughts
And I love it for a while
Then I get insomnia and anxiety and have to pull myself back into the world
With people, and friends, and parents
And I love it for a while
Then I get sick and tired, and irritated
And try again to escape
This is circular, repetitive motion
That’s life sometimes

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June 20th
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A Power To Amaze

This swift rise to fame comes about through a manner of working that touches a contemporary nerve and a style of life that reflects the changing sensibilities of a given period. If work shocks or disturbs by its challenge to prevailing practice or taste, the spotlight is even more glaring.


Hirst walks a tightrope between challenging subject and cooling presentation. Such rebarbative content often deflects attention from work that is restrained, even formally conservative compared with others of his generation. Ideas for works may teem in his mind, but finding palpable solutions needs detachment as well as bravado. In this sense, his work abounds in the tension of opposites. He is distinctly urban in sensibility but known for images taken from the natural world: often bleakly fatalistic in effect. the work has its mordant humour, a blackish mortuary chuckle that is embedded in its making: invariably austere in his use of manufactured elements, he can use colour that is brash or sweetly cloying. 

- Richard Shone for Damien Hirst, ‘Pictures from the Saatchi Gallery’